Is the U.S. Catholic Church leadership undermining traditional marriage?

Adultery and divorce are justice and morality issues. But one of the biggest proponents of social justice remains inactive: the leadership of the Catholic Church in America.  The Canon Law of the Catholic Church protects marriage and recommends “medicinal penalties” for those who gravely breach the moral order. However, these laws are ignored in the United States.

In the Washington Post, Roland Warren, president of the National Fatherhood Initiative, makes an analogy between Mothers Against Drunk Driving and mothers against home wrecking adulteresses. He looks for modern women willing to fight to protect marriages against the “other woman.” As a Catholic woman working to protect marriage, my efforts are undermined by the Catholic Church leadership in America.

If the Catholic Church in America followed its own Canon Law, it would intervene when a Catholic celebrity was having an affair. The innocent wife could invoke Church authority (canon 1150-1155, 1401, 1411, 1055) to investigate. The Church would publicly instruct the adulterous couple that they are in manifest grave sin, causing scandal, and are not in good standing with the Catholic Church. Those who obstinately persevere in grave manifest sin, cannot receive Holy Communion (canon 915).

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