Should parents “nix” the UNICEF collection this coming Halloween?


The newest report from UNICEF suggests that nations are bound by international law to provide sexually-related materials to children without their parents’ knowledge, explains Susan Yoshihara of C-FAM, the Catholic Families and Human Rights Institute.


Problems with Rotary International: Working with pro aborts in UN and Planned Parenthood

“We are not surprised that a Rotary Club is involved with Planned Parenthood,” he said. “But we continue to be appalled by the increasingly close relationship between the two pro-population-control groups.”

In 2007, Life Decisions International published a report showing that Rotary International funds the pro-abortion group UNICEF, allows its chapters to fund Planned Parenthood, and works closely with the UNFPA, which backs abortion and works hand-in-hand with the Chinese family planning officials that rely on forced abortions to enforce the nation’s one-child policy.

The pro-life group says Rotary has an “fascination with and promotion of population control from within its own organization through the Rotarian Fellowship for Population & Development.”

The report concludes with these words: “It is impossible for any person with an intact conscience to turn a blind eye to Rotary’s ungodly associations and population control works. One may offer up any excuse or justification he or she desires, but there is no way that anyone who truly cares about human life, born and preborn, could be associated with Rotary International. No way whatsoever.”

“Rotary has been in bed with Planned Parenthood on many occasions,” Garvey said. “We suggest that Rotary protect itself from further denunciation by canceling the event scheduled for February 2011.”


American Idol TV Show “Charity” Aligned with Pro-Abortion Groups

Washington, DC ( The popular talent television show American Idol has again decided to align itself with pro-abortion groups for its annual “Idol Gives Back” fund- raising campaign. The program, which airs tonight, will send donations from viewers to Save the Children and the United Nations Foundation, both of which back abortion.

Save the Children has a working relationship with what it describes as “prominent international organizations,” but the groups read like a who’s who of the pro-abortion movement.

They include the pro-abortion Center for Reproductive Rights legal group, the mammoth Planned Parenthood Federation of America abortion business, Population Action International, and the U.S. Committee for UNICEF.

Doug Scott, the president of Life Decisions International tells that Save the Children worked with Planned Parenthood, the Population Action Council, and the pro- abortion Audubon Society on its five-year “Planet Campaign.”

Funded by the pro-abortion David and Lucile Packard and Bill and Melinda Gates foundations, the campaign tried to “raise awareness of the connections between international family planning and the health of children, women and the environment.” It relied on advertising and Internet promotional methods to promote “an international forum for discussion of, and action on, women’s reproductive health” — meaning abortion.

Save the Children says “family planning” has been a “critical component” of its work for nearly 20 years and its alliance with Planned Parenthood means promoting abortion is included in that.

Meanwhile, several divisions of the United Nations have donated funds to Planned Parenthood and it has aggressively lobbied pro-life nations to ditch protections for unborn children in favor of promoting abortion.

“It is laudable that the people involved with ‘American Idol’ want to help the poor,” Scott said. “But it is tragic that they would choose to do so through groups like the Save the Children and the United Nations Foundation. These groups have far too much deadly baggage.”

“Groups such as UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, and the International Committee of the Red Cross are all clearly involved with either doing abortions, promoting sterilization, or working with groups that do abortions”

Let’s add CARE (one of the Obama’s favorite charities) to that list, too!

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