New theory: The visible Universe is actually a giant hologram.


And perhaps God has a holographic “mind”! – Ed.

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Smile everyone! Composite photo of entire universe released.

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What makes up 96% of the universe? Only God knows!

A popular hypothesis is that dark matter is formed by exotic particles that don’t interact with regular matter, or even light, and so are invisible. Yet their mass exerts a gravitational pull, just like normal matter, which is why they affect the velocities of stars and other phenomena in the universe. [Video: Dark Matter in 3D]

However, try as hard as they might, scientists have yet to detect any of these particles, even with tests designed specifically to target their predicted properties.

“I think on the dark matter side there is some discouragement among the people who are kind of mid-career,” Panek said. “They went into this field thinking, ‘OK, we’re going to solve this problem and then we’ll build from there.’ But 15, 20 years later, they’re saying, ‘I’ve invested my career in this and I don’t know if I’m going to find anything in my lifetime.'”

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What are the theological implications of modern cosmology?

A comment from Bob Stanley about the related article by Rabbi Lawrence Keleman:

This is an interesting article. I have long been an interested student of cosmology and it became evident to me many years ago that cosmology is headed toward proving that GOD truly does exist.

What really fascinates me is that no one has figured out what gravity is.

Einstein predicted gravity waves but decades of searching for them with some ingenious methods have failed to detect them and have shown no results.

Here we are on a trillion+ ton ball spinning around the sun at thousands of miles an hour and yet being held in orbit by an invisible string. A force that is so great that it holds galaxies together over millions of light years wide is still undetectable???

It is so simple, GOD is doing it by His word and GOD is physically undetectable.

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Who sustains the universe and why does it exist?

Who sustains the universe and why does it exist?

The difficulty with political schemes and grand plans is that even at their greatest moment – they have done very little. It may be that everything they have done carries less weight than the prayers of a hermit in the desert.

And so we are called to pray – to stand quietly before that “still point of nothingness” that “disposes all things” (in the words of Thomas Merton).

Such things seem quite hidden – unless the definition of “manifest” means “what God sees.” Perhaps prayer is not about my “prayer life.” Perhaps prayer holds the entire universe in existence.

The last battle may be fought quietly in a human heart that stands sentinel before God and says, “Lord, have mercy.”


Infinite questions about a universe created by God, from nothing at all

We speak of a ‘Big Bang’ but don’t mean a ‘bang’ like an explosion, which has a centre and a shock wave that moves spherically out into air from the explosion.

Instead, the ‘Big Bang’ happened everywhere in the Universe at once, with no centre. Shortly after the ‘Big Bang’, density and pressure of the Entire Universe were the same everywhere. So, pressure difference could not possibly create an explosion. The ‘Big Bang’ wasn’t a bang at all.

About 13.7 billion years ago, the Entire Universe increased by 10^30 (a million trillion trillion) times, in less than a second. We call this remarkable phenomenon, the ‘Big Bang.’

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How can sacrificing Jesus on behalf of the sinner atone for another’s sin?


Q: How can sacrificing Jesus on behalf of the sinner atone for another’s sin?

A: It’s tough to run a universe that’s out of balance.

Since man sinned and (among other things) separated himself from God, simple justice holds that it was up to man to atone for that sin.

But since man’s sin constituted an offense against the infinite dignity of God, no man, naturally born, had the ability to suitably atone.

Out of love for fallen humanity, God sent his divine son into the world as a man, to be the propitiation for the sins of the world.

Jesus’ mission was totally successful, and his great work certainly pleased his Father, who sent him.

Since Jesus is true man, the grace and mercy he obtained for us through his perfect life and sacrificial death, accrues to the benefit of all mankind.

Since Jesus is true God, the power and effectiveness of his great sacrifice is infinite and eternal.

The scales of divine justice have now been suitably and appropriately balanced.