It’s the Chicago (Obama) way: U of Chicago’s pro-life flyers vandalized, destroyed.

CHICAGO, November 8, 2013 ( – If you’re a pro-life activist at the University of Chicago, be prepared for a tough fight.

That’s the lesson the University of Chicago Students for Life chapter learned on Monday, after numerous flyers around campus were torn down or vandalized. The flyers advertised their Thursday night meeting.

One of the posters read, “What’s the difference between a baby and a fetus? Let’s talk about it.” According to the University of Chicago student newspaper, The Chicago Maroon, another said the pro-life does not mean anti-woman.

“Pro-life students get their displays and flyers vandalized on an almost daily basis,” according to Students for Life National Director of Field Operations Brendan O’Morchoe. “We expect flyers to be torn down or defaced so we train students to print two or three times as many flyers and posters as they plan to hang.”

O’Morchoe emphasized that having posters or announcements torn down is mild compared to other forms of harassment pro-life students around the country face.

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The Devil’s Latin? New dictionary of language not spoken for thousands of years.

Scholars had previously called the language of the first civilizations Assyrian, but then learned that Assyrian developed from the more ancient tongue called Akkadian.

“Akkadian was the most commonly used language throughout the Near East for thousands of years,” Gil Stein, Director of the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute says. Stein says the study of Akkadian has been aided by the analysis of the modern languages which evolved from it.