Seen on the web: This (Father Pavone’s) bishop sounds like Obama…

Posted by stilbelieve on Friday, Oct 7, 2011 9:36 AM (EDT):

This bishop sounds like Obama: We’ve got a serious problem with our economy that needs immediate attention; I will have a plan to deal with it as soon as I get back from vacation in a month.

My question to this bishop and all bishops is: Why do we need to have a “Priest For Life” organization in the first place?  Why aren’t ALL priest Priest For Life?  Why do the bishops leave it up to this one priest?


Obama’s urge Americans to vacation on the Gulf. So where do THEY go? Maine!

Obama has also faced criticism for scheduling a trip up north, instead of vacationing in the Gulf, as he advised other Americans to do.

“Presidents are certainly entitled to vacation, just like everybody else, but there is a fine line as to when presidents should do it, what they should and where they should do it,” said Brad Blakeman, a former member of President George W. Bush’s senior staff and the deputy assistant for appointments and scheduling.

“Presidents have to be cognizant of the fact that everything they do is going to be scrutinized,” said Blakeman, who also is a professor for Georgetown University’s Semester in Washington program.

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