Vatican blogging conference: “Good” Catholic bloggers are never to offend, and are to always and everywhere exhibit slavish deference to modernist prelates, even when they’re wrong.

by Doug Lawrence

The term “Charity” … at least, as it applies to the on-line community … has just been “informally” redefined by the Vatican to mean “never having to say your sorry” because you never, under any circumstances, write anything that might offend anyone (particularly any of the bishops, or Heaven forbid, the Pope.)

Of course, those in the know would instantly respond, “Then, what’s the point of Catholic blogging?”


What seems to have been missed at the official Vatican blogging conference is the fact that authentic Catholic blogging … which disseminates, explains and reaffirms the timeless, traditional truths of the Catholic faith … should never offend anyone … except perhaps, the demagogues, heretics, liberals, pro-aborts, CINO’s (Catholics In Name Only) turn-coat Catholic politicians, pro-homosexuals, abusive clergy and those who cover for them … not to forget the “we are church” people, who actually seem to believe the trumped up, modernist drivel they have been promoting, at the expense of the genuine Catholic faith … for the last half century.

When are we going to have the conference dealing with all of that?

Love and kisses to all,

Just Another Faithful Catholic Blogger

Editor’s note: The conference seems to have been the result of complaints by certain bishops (and their dedicated underlings) who, in the wake of the recent CCHD/ACORN scandals, have been urging the Vatican to “do something” to reign in “those pesky on-line rascals”.