Ron Paul Institute: Targeting the Vatican embassy was likely no accident.

In keeping with recent practice of bombing the diplomatic facilities which oppose their struggle to overthrow the Syria government, the insurgents in Syria have hit the Vatican Embassy with a mortar shell today.

Targeting the Vatican embassy was likely no accident. As the US was on the verge of bombing Syria in late-August, the pope held a peace vigil at the Vatican attended by more than 100,000. As support for a US attack sagged among the American public and in Congress, this Vatican effort to head off a US war on behalf of the anti-Assad fighters was certainly of great significance. It may have been a deciding factor.


Editor’s note: How’s that for “dialog”?

Syria: Mortar/Missile strike on Vatican embassy in central Damascus.

Damascus, 5 Nov. (AKI) – The papal envoy to Syria Mario Zenari on Tuesday swore he would remain in the war-wracked country despite a missile strike on the Vatican embassy in central Damascus.

“We represent the Pope in Syria and we won’t leave the country,” Archbishop Zenari told Adnkronos International (AKI) in a phone interview. “If there are further attacks like today’s we will move to another area,” Zenari said, adding that the embassy was located in a “sensitive area” of the capital.


Editor’s note: Was this just a coincidence, or was the Vatican Embassy deliberately targeted?