Shroud of Turin and Holy Face of Veronica’s veil: at the origins of Christian iconography

ZENIT: The cover of your book shows a superimposition between the face of the Shroud and the Holy Face. What does this mean?

Gaeta: It is the discovery made by Trappist Blandine Schlomer, who found numerous “points of congruence” between the face of the Shroud and that of Manoppello, after pointing out some precise criteria as a common denominator of the ancient icons that represent Jesus: the asymmetric face, the beard cut with a double point, the asymmetric sides of the nose, the ocular orbit visible under the iris, the tuft of hair at the center of the part of the hair. Subsequently, Father Andreas Resch, working with a computer, refined the superimposition even more, delineating several areas that represent the useful “points of reference” also to compare the two images with the ancient artistic representations. Bequeathed thus is a perfect level of superimposition, which shows a true and proper fusion between the two faces.

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Is this the Holy Face of Jesus Christ?


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