Fans of Michael Voris’ Real Catholic TV: Written Transcripts Are Available for Each Video.

1) Go to the website.

2) Log in, as usual. Select the desired video.

3) Click on the “Read the script for this program” link
just to the right of the video window.

4) View (and/or save) the PDF file transcript of the video.

I’ve added a big red arrow to the above screen shot
to show the exact spot you need to click!

*** Click on the above picture to enlarge ***

An Inspiring Collection of Free Catholic Videos On the Internet


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Science and Creation … with NO Conflict At All

Science and Creation … with NO Conflict At All

There’s an ongoing battle between some Creationists and Scientists, but this site simply explains … using short videos … the physical characteristics of every element that’s included in the periodic table.

Watch a couple of the videos … and see if it doesn’t make you want to give thanks and praise to God, the Creator of all things.

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New Tools for You to Use Today to End Abortion – Fr. Frank Pavone

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Can you help me spread across the internet the following two video segments I placed on You Tube recently, that show how an abortion procedure is performed?

At the end of the videos I do something I’ve never done on a video before to counteract those who dismiss us as religious fanatics. Take a look!