The Noah Movie Review: “Psycho Noah” – plus lots of other strange things


Noah would be amazed:
An underwater family “selfie” taken by yours truly.
Big old wooden, sunken ship in background.

by Doug Lawrence

I just saw the Noah movie, investing $8 for a ticket to the midnight show. Did I like the movie? Not really! Here’s why:

It was for the most part, dark, dreary, apocalyptic, violent and much more of a “stretch” than most people would imagine.

At best, the Noah Movie might claim to be inspired by the biblical story, but there was very, very little actual correspondence between the Bible and the movie. They could have named the movie “Fred” and it would have played just as well – and been lots more believable.

They got a whole lot of biblical things all mixed up and then they threw in a whole bunch of non-biblical things they just “dreamed up”. Some of it was ingenious. Most wasn’t. To say they took liberties with the biblical truth would be a gross understatement.

Probably the worst of it was the portrayal of Noah as a confused, murdering psychopath, much like Jack Nicholson’s character in Stephen King/Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”. Isolation can do that to people … but to Noah … a prophet of God? That was way over the top!

Anthony Hopkins did  a nice job of playing Methuselah and the animal special effects were “cute”.

Abortion is …

Abortion is medieval and barbaric. It is the use of surgical and other instruments and/or substances to dismember, disembowel, decapitate, poison and/or burn to death a developing member of the species Homo sapiens. (The medieval period may suffer an unfair reputation, but the connotation is clear, and it clearly applies to abortion.)

Abortion is ignorant and anti-science. It has always been premised on ignorance — ignorance of the plain scientific facts of human embryology and developmental biology. There are no longer any excuses.

Abortion is childish and morally primitive. It is the use of violence (lethal violence, no less) to get what we want for ourselves.



Conservative writer: Gays in military can get the job done … but not without a “heavy” cost.

Don’t assume that a homosexualized military would be too wimpy to do it, either. Despite the common stereotypes of homosexuals as limp-wristed pansies, we need to understand that the “gay culture” of interior designers and lisping art museum curators is a modern phenomenon.

For most of the history of mankind, those who engaged in homosexual behavior have actually been rather violent and uncontrolled — not unexpected from a lifestyle choice that epitomizes the lack of self-control.

Think about it — when we see the Sodomites in the Bible, what were they doing? Trying to violently force themselves onto some men. Among the Greeks, those who engaged in homosexuality were often the most violent.

Take the Spartans, for instance. They were the warrior caste par excellence in classical Greece — and they were open practitioners of both adult homosexuality as well as pederasty.

Another example would be the Theban “Sacred Band,” a group of 150 pairs of homosexual lovers who formed the cream of the crop of the military of Thebes, another Greek polis, known for their fierceness and invincibility in battle.

And of course, one need only look at the American prison system to understand the fact that violence and male homosexuality (especially) go hand in hand. So don’t think for a minute that a homosexualized U.S. military would be too afraid of breaking a nail to go roughing up the American people.