Richmond, Virginia: The largest contingent of Catholic seminarians in decades

In all, 22 seminarians – including eight from Hampton Roads – are preparing to take the vows of ordination in the diocese, according to church officials. That’s the largest contingent in decades and a huge increase since 1997, when just three candidates were in training.

To the Rev. Michael Boehling, who oversees clerical vocations for the diocese, it is “a promising sign that bodes well for the future.” While a nationwide priest shortage that began in the 1960s shows no sign of ending, he said, “the Lord continues to call young men to serve the church” in Virginia.

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Now closed scandalous Virginia abortion mill turned office building into branch office of hell.


Eaton Place Associates, LLC, filed suit against Nova’s owner, Mi Yong Kim, in 2011 seeking to terminate its lease because the abortion business created a nuisance. Court documents state the abortion business created such an unpleasant environment that other tenants were leaving the building.

One court document stated the following indicated that that other tenants had to endure abortion protests along with “patients and visitors of [Nova] loitering in hallways, individuals vomiting in the bathrooms or common areas in and around the building, and female visitors carried from the building in an apparent state of unconscious…This is the reality created by NOVA.”

In fact, Operation Rescue worked with local activists to document medical emergencies at Nova and filed a complaint against Kim, who continued to operate the abortion business even though she had her own medical license revoked in 2007 after killing a patient during an abortion.
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Planned Parenthood has killed more Americans than all the wars that America has ever fought.

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Planned Parenthood has killed more Americans than all the wars that America has ever fought.

The Commonwealth of Virginia has just zeroed out Planned Parenthood’s funding. Other states should follow Virginia’s lead.

The amendment, cutting up to a half million dollars in funding from the abortion giant, passed by the narrowest of margins. The vote in the Virginia Senate was 20 votes in favor of the amendment and 20 against, and Lt. Governor Bolling had to break the tie. The amendment could still be vetoed by Governor Kaine later this month, although this would tarnish the moderate image he is trying to project. In all likelihood, Planned Parenthood faces a complete funding cut, and one that will last at least until 2010.

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