Pro-Life Students Finish Cross-Country Walk Against Abortion This Weekend

Washington, DC ( — On Saturday, nearly four dozen young adults and college students from colleges around the country will meet in Washington, D.C. to cap off three different cross-country walks. Their participation in the Crossroads event is a way to highlight opposition to abortion nationwide.

Crossroads has sponsored these pro-life walks across America every summer since 1995.

Passing through 36 states and thousands of towns and cities, they have witnessed the reality that the overwhelming majority of Americans identify themselves as pro-life.

Walking night and day, through rain or shine, these young people have spent the last 12 weeks witnessing to hundreds of thousands of Americans.


Pro-Life Walkers Halfway Through Nationwide Trek Across America


Fort Morgan, CO ( — Three groups of pro-life young people are now more than halfway through their nationwide trek across America to represent the pro-life perspective on abortion. Sponsored by the pro-life group Crossroads, the walkers are divided into three groups where they literally walk from the west coast to Washington, D.C.

Wearing shirts with the words “Pro-Life” in bold letters, the 18-30-year-old participants take the summer off to educate Americans and meet with pro-life people.

While other groups are taking different routes, one group is heading from San Francisco to Washington and recently stopped in Fort Morgan, on the eastern side of Colorado.

“The thing that’s shocked me the most is how pro-life America is,” Josh Spears, the leader of the group, told the local Times newspaper.

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