A new call to arms in the war against abortion

Those who blessed “Mother” Teresa called the “poorest of the poor”, children in the first home of their mother’s womb, have been the victims of a war on the womb for decades now. They are killed by surgical strikes and chemical weapons in a protracted injustice tantamount to genocide. It is called a “choice” and protected by the positive “law” while it violates the Natural Law. It is a war crime.

As a result of several unconstitutional opinions of the highest Court of the land in the United States this infanticide is now enforced by the Police Power of the State! Yes, I said unconstitutional. I am a constitutional lawyer and the decisions in Roe and Doe do not interpret the US Constitution, they ignore its clear committment to the fundamental and inalienable right to life. Furthermore, those Senators who support abortion on demand (like Barbara Boxer whose evil act tabled the Nelson Amendment) are the real War “Hawks” in our Nation. They want to fund – with our tax dollars- surgical strikes by forceps – and the use of chemical weapons – in an act of undeclared war against an entire group of our neighbors, children in the womb.

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