Prayer: Weapon of Mass Conversion

A Trappistine nun in Syria has emphasized the power of prayer in an interview with the Vatican newspaper.

The members of her community have strongly criticized President Barack Obama’s plans to attack Syria.

Pope Francis’s vigil of prayer for peace “may be the only real chance to counter this madness and prevent another armed intervention that will certainly not help a people who have already been martyred,” said Sister Marta Luisa Fagnani. “Prayer and fasting are like weapons to empty oneself of oneself and to try to be more reasonable, to make oneself listen to a deeper wisdom.”

“Prayer is powerful, of that we are convinced,” she added. “Otherwise, we would not have chosen this life. Prayer is not just a devotion, it is not just a retreat into peace. It is a powerful weapon, though also a peaceful one. It moves the heart, it has a force of its own. We believe this firmly.”


It’s time to unleash the awesome power of the Roman Missal on Obama and his minions.

by Doug Lawrence

OK. We’ve now heard pretty much all the original rhetoric we’re likely to hear … from both sides.

More than half of the U.S. bishops have spoken out. The Catholic left and the Catholic right are in agreement for the first time in almost 50 years, yet Obama and his minions still fail to see the problem with their abominable HHS abortion/contraception mandate.

No more dialogue. It’s time we Catholics unleashed the awesome power of the Roman Missal on Obama and his minions. They have absolutely no defense against this universal weapon of mass devotion.

In the name of Jesus Christ, let the blood flow! The battle is already won. May God have mercy on their souls (and ours)!

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