Vatican wisdom for our times: Render to God the things that are God’s … and let the United Nations have the rest.

by Doug Lawrence

The wacky “news” stories from the Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, that we’ve been forced to endure for lo’ these many years are bad enough, but now we also have to deal with the “white paper” from the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace on the economy.

All this proves is that the communists and socialists still control large parts of the Vatican bureaucracy. And that’s nothing new.

One has to wonder if the pope decided to sleep-in today, or what? I’m betting that even the Muslims are laughing at this fiasco. A real embarrassment!

God bless good Pope Benedict. He’s going to need it!

The Vatican’s 7 Steps to a better world economy

by Doug Lawrence

A critical analysis of the personal political sentiments of the people who actually produced the Vatican’s recent “white paper” reveals these seven essential steps for reforming and reviving the world’s economy:

1) Establish a central bank, under the United Nations, which will control the money supply of the entire world.

2) Draft Bill Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev, Barack Obama (or all three) to head it up.

3) Provide every person on the planet with free food, free health care, plus a generous, annual cash stipend.

Pay for all this by:

4) Instituting a worldwide carbon tax.

5) Instituting a worldwide fuel and transportation tax.

6) Instituting a worldwide personal and corporate income tax that would apply to every business and wage earner on earth (religious organizations excepted.)

7) If all of the above fails … PRAY!

Editor’s note: No such 7 step Vatican plan exists … at least, in writing. But you never know! Perhaps we’ll see some of the details explained in the pope’s next book.

When Does Human Life Begin? A Scientific Perspective.


Forward by Father Richard John Neuhaus:

It is really far past time to clear the air of the smog that obscures and confuses debates about abortion, embryonic research, cloning, and related issues.

Among the chief obfuscations and confusions is the claim that we do not know when human life begins. This frequently takes the form of claiming that the question is a matter of faith or religious belief.

Nothing could be farther from the truth, as is lucidly and convincingly demonstrated in this White Paper.

When a human life begins is a question of science.

The ethicist Peter Singer of Princeton University is famous, or notorious, for his advocacy of selective infanticide for babies who are born and then found to be defective in a way that makes them unwanted.

Most people will find that argument morally abhorrent. But Singer is right about one thing. As he has said on many occasions, he and the pope are in complete agreement on when human life begins.

The debate in our society and others is not over when human life begins but is over at what point and for what reasons do we have an obligation to respect and protect that life.

Before we can get to that argument, however, we need to clear the smog surrounding the question of when human life begins. This White Paper makes an invaluable contribution to that end.

It is sometimes said that the abortion debate is about “values” rather than “facts.”

An honest debate about abortion, however, is about values based on facts. If we don’t get the facts right, we will not get our values right.

Establishing by clear scientific evidence the moment at which a human life begins is not the end of the abortion debate. On the contrary, that is the point from which the debate begins.

Read the entire report. (PDF file format)