Probably the best 25-minute Catholic interview you’re ever likely to see.


Watch the Michael Coren interview

Thanks to The American Catholic for the tip.

In a culture where various forms of religious and atheistic fundamentalism, crass materialism and clawing decadence eat away at civility and civilization the only permanent, consistent, and logically complete alternative is the Roman Catholic Church.

When I first told friends and colleagues about my new book -Why Catholics Are Right -they were intrigued by its proposed content but disturbed by its title. “Sounds a little proud,” “Is that sufficiently conciliatory for these progressive and pluralistic days?” and “You ought to be careful because it might offend people.” Which is odd in that when I suggested to them titles for other books such as Why Liberals Are Right, Why Conservatives Are Right, even Why Muslims Are Right, and especially Why Atheists Are Right, they thought the suggestions to describe the various subjects entirely reasonable and unlikely to cause any problems at all.

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