Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin: “Violence in our society should never be tolerated.”

So … when is Planned Parenthood going to stop slaughtering helpless babies? As if chopping up little babies and/or vacuuming them out of their mother’s womb isn’t a violent act?


Did Santorum learn from Gov. Michael Dukakis to avoid donning helmets and other kinds of “funny hats”?

APPLETON, Wisc. — He’ll eat their cheese. He’ll drink their beer. He’ll even visit Lambeau Field. And though he’s vying for the love of Wisconsinites this week, you won’t find Rick Santorum wearing a yellow polyurethane triangle on his head.

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OK to bring your concealed weapon to church, in Wisconsin

IF you have a concealed carry permit, and IF you’re well behaved!

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Editor’s note: The Madison, WI  liberals are going to hate this. Terrorists be warned! Perhaps now, the Knights of Columbus will switch from swords to shoulder holsters … and get rid of the feathers on those funny hats, while they’re at it. You can’t shoot straight if you can’t see!

A gay Presbyterian minister for Madison, Wisconsin


Editor’s note: Can a papal Presbyterian-to-Catholic Ordinariate (similar to the one for Anglicans) be far behind?

Wisconsin recall vote: Big win for Republican Gov. Scott Walker and a confirmation of his conservative agenda.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A stand by Wisconsin Republicans against a massive effort to oust them from power could reverberate across the country as the battle over union rights and the conservative revolution heads toward the 2012 presidential race.

Democrats succeeded in taking two Wisconsin state Senate seats away from Republican incumbents on Tuesday but fell one short of what they needed to seize majority control of the chamber.


Cardinal Burke: “If the church doesn’t respond to people with a just decision, how can she talk about charity?”

“Here I try to serve the universal church, but I don’t have a flock that’s entrusted to my care as I did in La Crosse and St. Louis,” he said. “I’m helping other bishops and dioceses, but I don’t have my own diocese. It’s quite a different life.”

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Editor’s note: Maybe Cardinal Burke will decide to take up the Corapi affair.

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan: A pro-life Catholic with a sharp pencil.

Some details on the young congressman who is the chief architect of the Republican’s government spending reform plan:

Republican Congressman Paul Davis Ryan has represented Wisconsin’s first House district since 1999, and in his sixth term he began to emerge as the new face of the Republican Party. Despite the heavily Democratic demographic of his home district, Ryan ran as a conservative in 1998 and won, beating the Democratic favorite by 15 percentage points. Before running for Congress, Ryan worked for several conservatives, including Sen. Sam Brownback and former housing secretary Jack Kemp. In 2009, Ryan offered conservative alternatives to both the 2010 Democratic Budget and Obama’s health care reform plan.

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