Pope Francis’ Poor Church: Catholic Church sells hospital to help pay whopping $39 Million World Youth Day Tab


WYD 2013 Dancing Bishops

by Doug Lawrence

I hate to point this out – but $39 million could have purchased more than 10 million full meals, for the poor. But then, it’s hard to put a price on witnessing scores of Catholic Bishops dancing like fools, in public. And let’s not forget the Pope’s now infamous “Who am I to judge?” comment, during the plane ride home!  

Plus – the hospital property sale brought in only around $20 million, so they’re still about $19 million “short”!


Used Desks for Sale in the Vatican

Meanwhile, the Vatican’s new “Charity Czar” has been forced to sell his desk and go out into the city, seeking individuals who need help. But the Vatican is apparently still “on the hook” for a big chunk of the remaining 18.6 Brazilian $$$ Bazillions mentioned earlier, so let’s hope they have a bunch more desks left to sell!

This entire effort looks and smells much like the Obama Regime’s efforts to promote the bloated Food Stamp Program.

Come to think of it … Barack Obama has so far been doing a great job of turning the once richly blessed  United States of America into a “Poorer Country”.  I can’t help wondering if Pope Francis plans to make the Catholic Church a “Poorer Church” in much the same way.


This “New World Order” stuff doesn’t seem to be working out all that well! What can we expect next:  Francis Fones

$18.6 million in WYD 2013 debt still remains

The Pope says Brazilian Catholic youth are fully informed about church teachings

Excerpt from the transcript
of the Pope’s airborne press conference,
on the plane back to Rome, from WYD 2013 in Brazil:

Patricia Zorzan: [a journalist]

“Speaking on behalf of the Brazilians. Society has changed, young people have changed and you see so many young people in Brazil. You did not mention abortion, marriage between persons of the same sex. In Brazil, a law was passed that extends the right to abortion and allowed marriage 
between persons of the same sex. Why did you not talk about this?”

Papa Francesco:

“The Church has already expressed this perfectly. It was not necessary to go back, as I have not even talked about fraud, deceit or other things on which the Church has a clear doctrine!”

Patricia Zorzan:

“But it is a topic that interests the young …”

Papa Francesco:

“Yes, but there was no need to talk about this, but the positive things that open the way to the boys. Is it not? In addition, young people know exactly what is the position of the Church!”


Editor’s note: True or false: “…young people know exactly what is the position of the Church!”

Does Pope Francis think people are stupid?

In the longest and most important speech of his four-month pontificate, Francis took a direct swipe at the “intellectual” message of the church that so characterized the pontificate of his predecessor, Benedict XVI. Speaking to Brazil’s bishops, he said ordinary Catholics simply don’t understand such lofty ideas and need to hear the simpler message of love, forgiveness and mercy that is at the core of the Catholic faith.

“At times we lose people because they don’t understand what we are saying, because we have forgotten the language of simplicity and import an intellectualism foreign to our people,” he said. “Without the grammar of simplicity, the church loses the very conditions which make it possible to fish for God in the deep waters of his mystery.”

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Editor’s note: How did the post-Vatican II mantra – “God is love” – which likely constitutes the greatest depth of official Catholic catechesis, since the late 1960’s – suddenly become “too intellectual”?

The problem isn’t intellectualism, it’s liberalism – and the almost complete lack of virtually any good, practical Catholic catechesis, at the parish level.

The liberals who took over the church after Vatican II – like all “good” liberals – relied on a system of substandard education in order to obliterate from memory the old ways – in the hope that their gravely inferior, radical (but luke-warm) reforms would eventually become the “norm”.

Now that they have achieved what they intended, they’re still not happy – and that’s not surprising, considering the substandard “product” they’ve managed to foist upon the “People of God” – for the last half century.

According to Pope Francis, more CHANGE is necessary – and much, much more must be “stripped away” from The Mystical Body of Christ – for the good of the people – and the Church.

After the Catholic faith debacle of the last 50 years, one has to wonder what remains of the one, true faith that can actually still be jettisoned?

Pope Francis – in spite of his recent popular success – is turning out to be a very “shallow” – arrogantly humble pope – who seems to be obsessed with the concept of minimalism. And that doesn’t bode well for the Catholic faith – or the world.

Pray for him.

44 photos of Pope Francis in Brazil

Frenzied crowds of Roman Catholics mobbed the car carrying Pope Francis on Monday when he returned to his home continent for the first time as pontiff, embarking on a seven-day visit meant to fan the fervor of the faithful around the globe. (AP)


Pope Francis is off to Brazil for World Youth Day 2013


Pope Francis boarded a flight to Rio de Janeiro this morning, beginning the first apostolic journey of his pontificate.

He was pictured walking up the stairs to the plane carrying his own travel bag.

The plane left Leonardo da Vinci International Airport in Rome at 8:45am and will arrive in Brazil at 4pm Rome time.

Shortly after he touches down the Pope will take part in an arrival ceremony at Rio’s Galeao-Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport.

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