“Catholicism” – part three: A Marian home run!

by Doug Lawrence

After the last two installments of Father Robert Barron’s “Catholicism” program (WTTW Chicago/PBS/ Word on Fire) I wasn’t really expecting too much, from this one.

But I had obviously forgotten that the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, who was the primary subject of today’s episode, can never disappoint. (Praise God.)

Using some of the most famous Marian sites around the world for his “set”, Father Barron certainly made his point … and he did it charitably, sweetly, and in a genuinely Catholic way … just as Mary always has.

It was beautiful, and well worth watching.

All glory, praise and honor to God,
who saves us …
and Ave Maria!

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“Catholicism” Part One: I give it four and a half stars. But there’s a couple of problems.

by Doug Lawrence

Part one of Catholicism, by Father Robert Barron, which aired tonight on PBS station WTTW, in Chicago, was beautiful, awe inspiring, thought provoking, and inspirational.

Father Barron is a gracious host and guide. He knows his scripture, he knows his Catholic theology, and he obviously knows God. (Thanks be to God, for that!)

But there’s a couple of  problems with Father Barron’s approach: He’s appears to be a modernist, who believes in relatively late dating of the Gospels (he believes that Mark, not Matthew was the first Gospel to be written) and he doesn’t seem to believe in Satan, the devil!

While Father Barron did a great job of developing the idea of spiritual combat … in this case, the meek, non-violent, God-man, Jesus Christ, set against Pagan Rome’s Caesar Augustus and all his legions … allied with the nameless, faceless, unidentified forces of evil. But he totally forgot (or decided not) to mention the “Prince of this World” … Satan, the devil … who was the Christ-acknowledged head of all those pagan (and Jewish) minions.

Father Barron also neglected to mention that one of the most essential and significant results of Jesus’ saving death on the cross was to destroy Satan’s power over mankind, and bring an end to Satan’s (legal but totally illicit) dominion, over all the earth.

Who knows … maybe he’ll take up those subjects in the next installment. Tune in next week for the exciting and inspiring 2nd installment of Catholicism. It’s definitely worth watching.

If you missed part one, it will air once again this coming Sunday, at 4 pm, on WTTW (channel 11.1). Check your local listing for days and times in other areas.

Visit the Catholicism website

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Carol Marin spotlights WTTW’s advocacy of homosexual marriage in Illinois

Carol Marin introduced two lesbian lovers to all of us in Chicagoland…trumpeted for them the announcement of their forthcoming marriage…had them show their rings for the camera…and initiated a not-so-subtle lobbying campaign for Illinois to pass same-sex marriage.

One of the lesbians, State Rep. Debbie Mell, who seemed always on verge of lip-biting to prevent tears, is the daughter of the ebullient wart-hog-sensitive Alderman Dick Mell who runs major northwest side tentacles of The Squid. Chances are great that if it had not been for Ms. Marin, the announcement would not have been made under the auspices of the public television station, a portion of whose budget has been, and…they pray to the secular gods of liberaldom…may it always continue…paid with taxpayer money. Marin wrote her Sun-Pravda column for Wednesday promoting it as well. She embodies the word enthusiast. With that flaccid management, her persuasiveness is great indeed, combining as it does the high intellectual octane of Jane Fonda and the resoluteness of Mother Bloor [1862-1951].
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