Abortion promoters provide young girls with misinformation, cheap condoms and/or low-dose birth control pills in order to set them up for unwanted pregnancies.

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China Sees 13 Million Abortions Annually, Most Done on Young Single Women

chinaBeijing, China (LifeNews.com) — China sees as many as 13 million abortions done on an annual basis, official state media are reporting today. The information is rare as the nation’s family planning agency, which endorses the country’s one-child policy that involves forced abortions, rarely releases such information to the public.

The China Daily newspaper said the abortions are mostly done on single women who do not know much about the use of contraception.

The number is likely higher as the total only includes abortions done in hospitals and does not include those abortions that occur in unregistered stand-alone centers.

The 13 million abortions annually also does not include the 10 million abortion drugs that are sold annually.

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“The Mona Lisa Project demonstrates how Planned Parenthood clinics knowingly help sexual predators hide their crimes against young girls by offering secret abortions.”

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