Why liberals, communists and socialists of all “stripes” hate Pope Pius XII

Pope Pius XII was the last Pope to openly stand up for Traditional Catholicism in all it’s many forms. In doing so he declared himself the enemy of the communists, the socialists, the fascists, and the liberals who were bent on recreating society (and the Catholic Church) in their own twisted image.

Unable to discredit the man while he was alive, they waited until the Pope and his contemporaries had passed into history. Only after the eye-witnesses were gone was the nefarious campaign to obliterate the real truth about the saintly wartime Pope, finally launched.

Much of the post-Vatican II Church also has reason to be complicit in this affair, since if Pius XII was right, then there is good reason to suspect that many of the innovations and outright fabrications that constitute the bulk of the alleged “Spirit of Vatican II” were the result of the same liberal revisionism that we still see all around us, today.

Many thanks to our courageous Pope Benedict XVI. It’s nice to see a Pope stand up for one of his brothers, especially when doing so is less than popular.

Now, where’s the support from the rest of our fellow Catholics?

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