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For members of the so-called “pro-choice” cult – including but not limited to the Synagogue of Satan – abortion is a religious rite, it is the sacramental centerpiece of their false, diabolical religion.

The American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League, Hillel International and the Women’s Rabbinic Network expressed deep anguish.

“In this moment, our feelings are best embodied by Numbers 11:10: ‘God became exceedingly angry; and Moses despaired.’ … We stand with generations of Jewish scholars who state clearly and unequivocally that abortion access is a Jewish value,” the Women’s Rabbinic Network said.

Read more from Louis Verrecchio


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Bizzaro World Is Here. We’re All Living In It!

To those familiar with signs, symbols and sacramentals, the LGBTQ+ “Pride” flag is no more a peaceful sign of diversity and tolerance than the Confederate or “Rebel” flag is.

The Pride flag is ultimately a symbol of defiance and hate of Christian morals (which condemns sodomy along with fornication and adultery by heterosexuals). The flag symbolizes the desire to enforce normalization of the acts intrinsic to the LGBTQ+ lifestyles.

It is anti-union with the only eternal and transcendent God. It is a rebel flag.

The rainbow, God’s symbol of peace towards mankind, has been turned against God in an act of defiance and preference for deceit. Its founders took a symbol for God’s love and turned it upside down.

Complete article

The Sovietization of America

Seen at

…the common denominator in Joe Biden’s two years of colossal failures is Soviet-like edicts of equity, climate change, and neo-socialist redistribution that have ensured (for the non-elite, in any event) soaring inflation, unaffordable energy, rampant crime, and catastrophic illegal immigration. Playing the role of Pravda, Biden and his team simply denied things were bad, relabeled failure as success, and attacked his predecessor and critics as various sorts of counterrevolutionaries.

Biden rejected commonsense, bipartisan policies that in the past kept inflation low, energy affordable, crime controlled, and the border manageable. Instead, he superimposed leftist dogma on every decision, whose ideological purity, not real-life consequences for millions, was considered the measure of success.

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Mundabor on newly released video:  In the Vatican there is, still, more than homosexual Jesuits, homosexual non-Jesuits, and scoundrels of all other possible sort (normally, homosexual themselves).

It’s OK, Excellency…

Please watch this short video, and reflect with me on what can be seen there.

I am a very emotional man. I know how it is not to be able to stop the tears. I could fully, fully understand Archbishop Gaenswein when he was overwhelmed by emotion when talking about Benedict.

I saw in the Archbishop’s emotion a man who was, at that point, reflecting on decades of work together with a man he, evidently, truly esteems.

Full story

Ann Barnhardt’s take on it

The Curious Case of “The Sword of St. Michael’s”

Dotting the mountaintops of Europe, stretching 2,500 miles and aligned like pearls on a string, lie seven ancient monasteries. 

All seven monasteries lie in a straight line, called the “Sacred Line.” Beginning on an island off the coast of Ireland, slashing through the continent of Europe and down to the Stella Maris Monastery in Israel, the monasteries are neatly spaced. In fact, although they’re located in different countries and are situated atop mountains or on remote islands, three of them – Mont Saint Michel in France; the Sacra of San Miguel in Val de Susa, in the Piedmont region of northern Italy; and the Sanctuary of Monte Sant’Angelo in the Gargano region of southeastern Italy – are equidistant from one another.

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Uh-Oh! They’re on to them, now!

On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.

H. L. Mencken

Pope Francis blasphemed the Holy Ghost on Pentecost; the very day that the Church celebrates His descent, saying: 

“And finally, oddly, the Holy Spirit is the author of division, of ruckus, of a certain disorder. Think of the morning of Pentecost: he is the author… he creates division of languages and attitudes… it was a ruckus, that! Yet at the same time, he is the author of harmony. He divides with the variety of charisms, but it is a false division, because true division is part of harmony. He creates division with charisms and he creates harmony with all this division. This is the richness of the Church.”

Yes, you read that correctly; he accused the Holy Spirit of not only causing division, but also of being its source! 

Read the complete article at aka Catholic

Formerly practicing homosexual man describes the joys of homo-sex

*** E X T R E M E – C O N T E N T – W A R N I N G ***

Courtesy of Ann Barnhardt’s website

… As a still thin peach-fuzz covered young man barely into his 20s, I went to this bastion of hedonistic masculinity looking for an experience that would surpass in intensity anything I had done before.

I attended one woodside cabin party where the hierarchy amongst attendees was quickly apparent.

Relinquished to a subservient position, in the heat of those moments, the air was thick with musk and the guttural sounds of deep male voices. Far from being a world of limp pink prissiness, a raw form of masculinity survives solely in gay male culture. Here, it became almost violently Spartan in its severe attempt at male bonding.

Swept up in the wave of pheromones, it’s difficult to separate oneself from the action and become immediately detached in order to protect mucus membranes from the bodily fluids that were now dripping from the ceiling. For those of us who grew up constantly feeling the chill of male rejection, the welcoming warmth of male bodies is uncontrollably hypnotic. Taking part, all memories of past alienation and indifference were forgotten as if they never happened.

Only, once it was over, you walked away sore and alone. Unbeknownst to me, somewhere nearby, Randy Shilts was dying of AIDS.

The Story Continues…

Who you gonna’ call?

Many big city police forces have already been at least, partially defunded.

Many/most other police forces are so demoralized, so poorly staffed, so “woke” and poorly led, that even if they respond, they often merely stand around and watch.

The sworn duty of police forces everywhere is,
Protect and preserve the GOVERNMENT.

YOUR life and property is relatively insignificant.
Meaning: Protecting you and yours is purely optional!

Real world experience proves this to be true.

Once the Dems succeed at banning the types of effective weapons that average people are actually capable of safely and effectively deploying in self defense (against ANY enemy, foreign or domestic) who you gonna’ call when you find yourself under attack, in mortal danger, as we all witnessed during the Rodney King riots, the BLM riots, numerous multiple shootings and other recent incidents?

Case in point: Not very long ago, after the fall of the Soviet Union, Ukraine possessed a formidable, nuclear arsenal, which effectively deterred all types of aggression against Ukraine, from all parties. The “Great Powers” (under the leadership of Barack Obama and Joe Biden) convinced Ukraine to “voluntarily” give up their arsenal, in exchange for “guaranteed protection” and other “perks”.

We can see how well that’s working out today, for the embattled Ukrainians.

How do you think things will work out for (the formerly free) American people when guns are illegal, the government is allowed to run totally unchecked and only criminals and the government/police have guns?

Let’s also not forget what governments did to once free people, all around the world, in the name of Covid-19. Look to Australia and China to see the results of having a totally unrestrained government combined with a gun-free citizenry. Let’s not forget about what happened in “Red Canada”, either.

And all these guys are just getting started!

My local grocer invited me to celebrate “Gay Pride Month” with them

I emailed them, explaining that I would “celebrate” by shopping elsewhere for the month of June.

The massive, consistent, wide-ranging incompetence of Biden and his administration, along with all their other “bad acts” suddenly make even the wildest conspiracy theories seem plausible

Authored by Victor Davis Hanson,

As the nation sinks inexplicably into self-created crisis after crisis, debate rages whether President Joe Biden is incompetent, mean-spirited, or an ideologue who feels the country’s mess is his success…

Read the article courtesy of ZeroHedge

Seen on the web

Fourteen mass shootings at U.S. schools since 1999’s massacre at Columbine High School have killed a total of 169 victims. (AP)

Meanwhile: For 2019, a total of 629,898 abortions (per year) were reported to CDC.

This makes me suspect that the real reason for all the political posturing is something very far removed from any concern for universal justice, fairness, compassion and the common good.

Politics. Go figure!

All you need to know about Monkeypox

Monkeypox is a misdirection ‘this is pure fear porn’.

‘All cases so far are men having sex with men’ –

Link to story

Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone on Nancy Pelosi’s continuing, scandalous position on abortion…

WASHINGTON – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will no longer be able to receive communion in her hometown of San Francisco after the local archdiocese said her vow to make abortion legal crossed a line the Catholic church could not ignore.

In an announcement that he also tweeted out, Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone notified Pelosi that her staunch support of abortion and her refusal to personally explain her position to him forced his hand.

“After numerous attempts to speak with Speaker Pelosi to help her understand the grave evil she is perpetrating, the scandal she is causing, and the danger to her own soul she is risking, I have determined that she is not to be admitted to Holy Communion,” he said.

Seen on USA Today

As if the original Christian Pentecost wasn’t good enough

Retired Archbishop Charles Chaput says that we Catholics need a “New Pentecost”, as if the original Christian Pentecost was in some way, inadequate.

What’s really inadequate is the ill conceived, poorly implemented and blasphemous new paradigm, still being foisted on Catholics by modernist bishops, known as “The Second Vatican Council”.

The Archbishop should spend some time studying the Coca-Cola Company’s disastrous, 1985 rollout of “New Coke”.

“Coke” didn’t require fifty years of decline and failure to recognize and reverse their colossal mistake, yet the largely corrupt and spiritually blind Catholic hierarchy is still stumbling around in the dark, to this day, blaming their personal failures on the Holy Spirit.

Saint Paul learned how to deal with and rise above such personal inadequacies, writing about it in 2nd Corinthians, Chapter 12. But, Saint Paul was actually Catholic; he had “guts”; plus, Saint Paul knew and believed that God’s grace is sufficient.

No blasphemous/sacrilegious “New” Pentecost required!

Read Archbishop Chaput’s essay

Sometimes … we forget

“There is no greater force against evil in the world than the love of a man and woman in marriage. After the Holy Eucharist, it has a power beyond anything that we can imagine” – Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke

Courtesy Sachin Jose, on Twitter