Everything you probably never wanted to know about the false god of the “New Age”


Throughout the history of Western occultism, the name of the mysterious Baphomet is often invoked. Although it became commonly know name in the twentieth century, mentions of Baphomet can be found in documents dating from as early as the 11th century. Today, the symbol is associated with anything relating to occultism, ritual magic, witchcraft, Satanism and esoterica. Baphomet often pops up in popular culture to identify anything occult.

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  1. “Baphomet,” did you say?



  2. Well . .Probably worth pointing out that Wheatley has a lot to answer for!

    Firstly the star of Solomon as it is sometimes called, the man standing up has nothing to do with the Goat. Like the Nazi swastika there is always a subtle difference and that is the insignia is reversed. So the Goat Baphomet is presented on an inverted star. Some modern Satanists (mainly of the Black metal brigade which means they are not Satanists proper but need-a-wash leather clad youths with appalling taste in music styles) think that an inverted cross means they are really devilish! Actually it is the Petrine Cross but that’s another tale.

    The notion that secret societies are full of goat kissing and demonical chanting wizards is another call of burn the witch and we should snigger at and dismiss.
    Crowley was the creator of The Golden Dawn and was probably mentally sick and required psychiatric treatment which was not available to him. His “satanic” party is quite tame stuff today and as Kershaw? noted at worms he held his famous orgy and party of free love and evil etc. Sadly for him there was another “party” being held at Nuremburg just a short distance away that would make his attempts to be evil look like Disneyland. That’s another story though!

    The only real curiosity is that Tarot card of the devil I understand is responsible for more peoples upset peace and mentality than just about anything else. A number of Church Exorcists regard it as being a tool even equal to the ouija board in bringing about disharmonic forces in individual or family life. So probably best avoided altogether. Generally the occult is very interesting but should be avoided from becoming obsession as that can easily occur. Nevertheless, many “new age” people are neither into devil worship or satanic practice and unlike Luther we must not think that Satan is everywhere or else we fall into a snare of paranoia which is difficult to escape. Most new age folk (yes I understand that “most” is a debatable concept.. so lets say most people I know of then) are slightly eccentric hippies and not usual in their habits or expectations. They are however, not satanic nor have any desire to be so. Some are very kindly individuals and I can think of some Christians that could learn quite a bit from them!


    • Scampy22,
      You give way too much credit to “New Age!”
      They are of Spirits, that are Contrary to God, Thus, Satanic, in nature!
      One, of the most wonderful blessings, I have received, was acknowledging Spirits, that are not from God!
      I found an old Ouiji Board, from Childhood sleepovers, that my sister found in my Mother’s house and gave it back to me, to save. I discovered it, in a cabinet, and threw it into the trash! A stupid Boardgame…..that invites Unclean Spirits!
      I could go on with Horoscopes, Palm Reading, Tarot Cards…all in the Name Of Fun!
      Popular Music and the lyrics….thinking nothing of it, lulls you in, even us Old People, with our 60’s Rock! There is a reason for the saying: Drugs, Sex, and Rock-n-Roll!
      I looked into the Psycho Allistar Crawly influence on Youth and Music. never to know!
      I will stop here! Too many avenues to the Father of Lies, that ppl just want to IGNORE and want to make you a Fuddy-Duddy. 🙂
      Is that a WORD?
      Talk later, on the Subject!


      • Cathy,
        Your comment made me smile. Well we Fuddy-Duddys are an odd lot.
        Glad that you trashed the stupid Ouiji Board as that can “sometimes” be very bad news alround.
        Not certain about the clamp down on all articles of fun! 🙂
        Horoscopes can be dangerous if we are stupid enough to allow them to rule our actions. They remain a silly pass time on the whole and may make some people feel good if they predict something good? A harmless pastime. . . ? maybe . .depends.
        Tarot looks pretty but as I noted can be just bad for some people! The whole Divination Industry is a bit of a business and like self confessed witches is 95% nonsense, 4% lunacy and 1% spiritually nasty (lol my percentages, not scientifically proven)

        Not certain about Music? Elvis Presley was denounced . .as was Mozart and Beethoven . .Ozzy . . .Alice Cooper . .Philip Glass . 🙂
        Glass!! well maybe not by the morale Right but by opera lovers. . . Music is Good and a bit like comedy in the quest to find something new?
        Dynamic? Yes! Good? sometimes! Demonic? I don’t think so .. . .Enjoyable? Wickedly so! 😉

        So I think I understand your anxieties about some of the things above, just not certain they are backed by the forces of Hell even if I don’t like them on a personal taste.
        Chat soon.


  3. Scampy22,
    Just for curiosity, have you ever seen the movie “Immortal Beloved”..a film about Beethoven?
    I cannot stop laughing!
    Kind of a Private Joke, about look a likes!
    Wait, where am I? DL Catholic Blog.
    I’ll stop now, before …….
    Talk soon


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