If it looks like a duck …

Knoxville Bishop Rick Stika, 64, dismissed as “boundary issues” allegations that Wojciech Sobczuk, a former Knoxville seminarian, made homosexual advances towards colleagues.

Sobczuk has been staying in Stika’s house and has received thousands of dollars of diocesan money (PillarCatholic.com, April 28). He was dismissed from the Polish Jesuits amid allegations of homosexual misconduct but became a Knoxville seminarian in 2018 where he was again dismissed in March 2021.

While being a seminarian, Sobczuk invited another seminarian in 2020 for five-days to Knoxville seminary. This seminarian claims Sobczuk sent him sexually graphic Snapchat and text messages and repeatedly groped him. At one night, Sobczuk pushed him onto a couch, pinned him down and held him for a minute until the other could fight him off.

But wait. There’s more!

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