The principles of the anti-liturgical heresy

Guéranger’s principles of the Anti-Liturgical Heresy is presented here as means and method to recognize the subversive tactics employed by the 20th Century Liturgical Movement, a heretical movement that has succeeded in deforming the Church’s liturgy and obscuring the right teachings of the Catholic Church among mainstream Catholics.

The ensuing crisis has been devastating, but authentic Catholicism survives and even flourishes in traditional Catholic enclaves where the Traditional Latin Mass and its commensurate spirituality are lived and cherished. However, traditional Catholics must always remain vigilant in their fight against the Anti-Liturgical Heresy that is eating away like a cancer at the visible institutions of Christ’s Church.

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  1. I read this editorial with a growing sense of woe and a sickening sensation in my stomach! Rarely have my eyes been so treated to such vociferous anti-christian drivle!
    What is passed off as Traditional Catholic Liturgy is no more than the dying ramblings of the extremists that Rome has long had to deal with and especially since The Holy Spirits opening of the Church since vatican two.
    Wild accusations against our protestent bretheren the likes of which recall the more vile statements issued at the time of the Reformation (by both Catholic and Protestant) do not serve Christ, His Church or His Will. Such rubbishing of anyone that has an alternative version of Christendom and then to claim that only “traditional” catholic latin liturgy is the true way and only way to Christ is just obscene!
    Wake Up miserable petty minded people because the Jesus I worship has nothing to do with your visions of Hope and Charity? Wake UP poor souls and understand the meaning of the Gospels and their Universal embrace of humanity. Wake Up souls so entrenched in the past that movement is impossible towards the future, the church is a Rock but that does not mean it cannot or should not move! Wake Up souls to The Holy Spirit and ask him to fill you with peace instead of war and conflict, to open you to Love your neighbour and to turn from bitterness and hatred even when these are shrouded in the light of darkness. Wake Up souls to Christ and his infinate mercy that rests on all people of good will and repentance and does not favour form over substance! Wake Up to God the Father and his Justice that you shall answer before and unless you have made love (Love of God AND love of your Neighbour – remember whom your neighbour is) the centre of your being you will perish!
    How many more times are we to be presented with well meaning Catholics spouting poison against their neighbours or looking down their nose at anyone they deem inferior to themselves?
    I have many protestant friends and quite frankly they are nearer to Christ then many Catholics I know that regard them as less than perfect. It remains a sham before God to consider our great and beautiful Catholic Church as a monopoly of his grace and mercy. It really is sad to witness that so many so-called Catholics consider themselves so glorious or worthy of Christs benediction that they can rant on against their bretheren as if they themselves are without sin and already glorified.
    To hark on about heresy and then to walk dangerously near the road of perdition because of pride and folly is to court disaster! Wake Up as it is surely time to turn from casting stones and beg Christ for his mercy for our own weakness and failings. To ask that we should Love our neighbour rather than sneer coldly at them. Wake Up from false dreams that are built on shallow waters of mistrust and fear. Now is the moment of Your Salvation so be glad but be glad awake and today, not in some idle concern of yesteryear.

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