My “pick” for the most significant Catholic Church event of 2011: Pope Benedict’s Anglican Ordinariate Initiative.

by Doug Lawrence

In a church that acts with glacial speed, which took longer than a biblical generation (40+ years) merely to address the errors of the hasty, post-Vatican II translation of the Novus Ordo Mass, and which spent the same amount of time aimlessly pursuing fruitless and often “wacky” efforts at ecumenicism … a novel, papal initiative that actually achieved substantial and measurable positive results … right here and right now, in spite of certain negative political consequences … should not go unheralded.

Such is the nature of the new Anglican Ordinariate, conceived by Pope Benedict XVI in 2009, which made it not only possible … but extraordinarily practical … for large blocks of disaffected Anglicans, from all around the world … to finally return to the Catholic Church, with their dignity and their distinctive Christian faith intact.

The first group of Anglicans/Episcopalians were received into the Catholic Church on January first, 2011 … and they’re still coming!

While there is no substitute for prayer, it’s nice to see some decisive and positive action by the Catholic Church … especially when it comes from the very top.

So here’s to Pope Benedict … for actually getting something done, in 2011!

Benedict also deserves much credit for making the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Mass more available to the faithful, and for the latest, revised Roman Missal, which goes a long way toward fixing liberal abuses of the liturgy that have for so long, served to quietly and insidiously undermine and erode the faith of Catholics, everywhere. He’s also proved himself to be an excellent catechist, in general.

God bless Pope Benedict XVI and God bless his Holy Church! 


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