New pope’s views, from tango, to art, to gay marriage


Here is a selection of the 76-year-old Jesuit’s opinions on topics ranging from unmarried mothers,gay marriage, globalization and his own interests and life experience:

On baptizing children of unmarried parents: “The child has absolutely no responsibility for the state of his parents’ marriage. And often a baptism can be a new start for the parents as well,” he said in an interview with 30 Giorni Catholic magazine in 2009.

On gay marriage: In 2010, he challenged the Argentine government when it backed a gay marriage bill. “Let’s not be naive. This isn’t a simple political fight, it’s an attempt to destroy God’s plan,” he wrote days before the bill was approved by Congress.

On globalization: “To fight the effects of globalization that led to the closure of many factories and the consequences of misery and unemployment, you have to promote bottom-up economic growth with the creation of small and medium-sized companies. Outside help should not just come in the form of funds but should also reinforce a work culture and a political culture,” he told Francesca Ambrogetti from Italian newspaper La Stampa in an interview in December 2001.



  1. Not bad, for a start.

    More and more, I’m developing a creepy feeling about this man’s future. Thoughts of John Paul I keep entering my mind, for no apparent reason. Maybe it’s just that their faces share a certain non-descript quality.

    Is another mysterious thirty-day papacy already in progress?

    On this matter, I do not trust my gut. Nevertheless–for whatever reason–it is rumbling.


  2. ATTENTION : See picture on Google of The Three Past Popes photographed together! We know John Paul II and Benedict XVI were meshed…but the picture of the 3, makes you wonder about their Ideology linkage?


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