Archbishop Chaput: “The HHS mandate can only be understood as a form of coercion.”

“Access to inexpensive contraception is a problem nowhere in the United States,” he said. “The mandate is thus an ideological statement; the imposition of a preferential option for infertility. And if millions of Americans disagree with it on principle–too bad.”

The archbishop went on to observe that abortion advocates use fraudulent language in describing their position.

“The fraud at the heart of our nation’s ‘reproductive rights’ vocabulary runs very deep and very high,” he wrote. “In his April 26 remarks to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the president never once used the word ‘abortion,’ despite the ongoing Kermit Gosnell trial in Philadelphia and despite Planned Parenthood’s massive role in the abortion industry.”


Editor’s note: Judging by the revelations concerning the Archdiocese of New York, Obama and his minions already know that coercion is very likely to succeed.


  1. This is all great talk about something that’s been out there for nearly two years, and is due to become binding on nominally Catholic institutions and organizations Aug. 1, less than eight weeks from now.

    Enough talk about it! What are the bishops prepared to do? What will their mandates be upon the faithful (however many of them are left) when the hammer finally drops? Will they risk imprisonment by giving an example of uncompromising non-compliance, and by urging others to follow their lead? Will they lead, in fact, at all?

    What will their walk be? Will it be the way of Calvary and the martyrs? Or will it be the way of the world, as they continue to talk long after the time for talking has passed: continuing to complain while they obediently comply and wait, in vain, for judicial relief?

    Inquiring minds—this one, at least—want to know.

    • I am afraid, “The WAYS of The World” WILL prevail! Let the TRUE Soldiers of Christ fight the Good Fight, which is not PC Socially Acceptable! The Ultimate Goal: Saving
      The Catholic Faith! Soon, you will witness, ALL true Defenders!
      History will demonstrate “The Pretender’s!”

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