Doctor: There is inescapable schizophrenia when modern medicine works under an ethical construct in which a fetus is a patient only when the mother has conferred this status on him or her.


The trouble is that this status can be withdrawn. But how can one fetus at five months deserve abortion when an anemic fetus of the same age can undergo a blood transfusion in the next room?

Even abortion supporters are horrified by the possibility of abortions based only on the sex of the unborn child. But why is abortion for the most sexist of reasons any worse than abortion for any other reason?

Likewise, I am concerned by the degree to which modern obstetrics has become an impersonal techno-specialty dedicated to the concept of “the perfect baby.” Much of prenatal diagnosis is designed to detect fetal abnormalities early so that the choice of abortion is available. The majority of these abnormalities, such as Down syndrome, are not usually lethal.

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  1. Doug,
    I declined Amniocentesis at age 35. What’s the point….I was going to have the baby!
    My OB said there was no difference in a 35 year old and a 34 or 36 year old!
    But, that doesn’t make any difference to me….I was going to have the baby, a healthy baby GIRL!
    Scare Tactics even used with healthy pregnancies!

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