“Change” has come to the Vatican

The Argentine-born pontiff offered the encouragement for renewal in a homily during Mass Saturday at the Vatican City hotel where he lives. Francis told Catholics ”not to be afraid of renewing some structures” to accord with ”the places, the times” and the people, but he didn’t specify what needed to be changed.

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Editor’s note: Here we have the new Pontiff channeling Barack Obama, instead of the Holy Spirit. Evidently, liberals and Jesuits think alike. 


  1. Doug,
    Your Editors Note…..SPOT ON!!!
    Hey, Just little bit strange, how the Pope keeps on showing “His Humbleness” off, by living, at the Vatican Hotel, instead of the Official Papal Residence! It looked like he is fulfilling a Papal Agenda!

    • Ye Religious, Priests and Nuns,
      Dispose of Obamaphones NOW! Do not plan an exchange for IPhones, and most importantly sell your Car and exchange for a Bicycle! (No Mountain bikes unless it is hilly)

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