Polish priest quits SSPX and also throws in the towel on the post-Vatican II Church.

Editor’s note: Rev. Raphael Trytek makes some very interesting points – points which every faithful Catholic ought to prudently and prayerfully consider, during this official Year of Faith.

For nearly half a century since, Christian life remains eclipsed under the propagation of what the Church has infallibly condemned over centuries as Modernistic errors and heresies, such as: 1) Religious freedom, essentially leading to the acceptance of state atheism; 2) falsely conceived Ecumenism -whether equalization of false religious doctrines to the One True Catholic Church, or acknowledgment of other religions, including even Judaism, Islam, and Paganism, as means leading to salvation; 3) the erroneous conception of the Church of Christ as not identical with the Catholic Church, but as a wider entity that includes the Catholic Church without being limited to it; 4) the advancement of one global syncretistic religion; 5) adherence to Masonic ideas, such as the propagation of alleged “natural” rights of man, which essentially becomes an expression of anthropocentrism.

It is impossible for the True Church of Christ and for Her Hierarchy – Pope and Bishops remaining in union with him- to subscribe to that apostasy! Whoever is willing to preserve and to confess the Catholic Faith, must acknowledge that the institution that insistently peddles and publicly proclaims so shameful errors, has nothing in common with the true Catholic Church…

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Additional note: The website which posted this article continues to maintain that the post-Vatican II Catholic Church and hierarchy are not truly Catholic, and that the Chair of St. Peter, along with the sees of many bishops, are presently occupied by usurpers.

This sounds a lot like what the Obama regime is currently attempting to do to the government of the United States – and we know that Barack Obama is certainly not Catholic!

What do you make of it?


  1. Jesus left mortal, fallible men in charge of His Church on Earth, telling them that “what you bind on Earth shall be bound in Heaven, and what you loose on Earth shall be loosed in Heaven.”

    Did He make a big mistake? Of course not, since we all know Him to be incapable of such error…or any error at all.

    So what are we to make of what His—and Peter’s—modern successors have wrought? Good question. No answer from me.

    Rather, I submit that we have fallen woefully deficient in our prayers that we “not be put to the test.” Indeed, rather than begging to be not thus led, we have fairly begged for it by our actions and lack of faith.

    We are being put to the test, as never before in history. And history yet to come will show how well—or not—we responded.

    So far, the answer is: Miserably. God’s judgment on us is truly to be dreaded.


  2. Novus Ordo Watch = A True Watchman on the Wall


  3. Its utter rubbish! Hardly worth the time spent reading this “article”. It lacks Catholic Charity and submits its half truth as the conclusion. I fear I cannot comment on this proverbial dog dirt!

    I trust that makes my feeling on this matter clear on it and its publishers!


    • Yes, Scampy22
      You have made your position very CLEAR and full of Catholic Charity!
      Majority Rules……..


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