Pope Francis on sin and the primacy of conscience

Pope Francis on sin:

“Sin, even for those who have no faith, is when one goes against their conscience,” he added. “To listen and to obey to (one’s conscience) means to decide oneself in relation to what’s perceived as good and evil. And this decision is fundamental to determining the good or evil of our actions.”

Barack Obama on sin:

Sin is “Being out of alignment with my values.”


Editor’s note:  This is very disturbing, since neither seems to be concerned with God’s values.


  1. I’d call being “out of alignment” with BHO’s values “virtue.”


  2. Mark,
    The article about Pope Francis believes even Atheist Can Be Saved, is also here on Doug’s LINK! Amazing Heresy and so Conscience like, and Humanistic! Could he be steering the flock, right off the edge? oink oink


  3. I understand that Conscience has always; yes folks that is ALWAYS been the supreme guide of an individuals actions and must over ride any other consideration!
    Of course it has to be an Informed conscience but it must be the final arbitrator of any action we undertake, understand or commit.
    That is the teaching of the Church I understand and Pope Francis is correct as always to remind the faithful of that fact.
    What Obama believes or otherwise we can only guess at and his statements unlike those of the Pontiff are Highly suspect I would have thought!


    • Scampy22′
      Jeremiah….The Heart is more Deceitful than anything else….so Sick!
      Biblically speaking the Heart=Conscience. The NT is clear on Christ….The Way, The Truth, The Life! Our Salvation IS THROUGH HIM!
      This issue is placing the Majesterium, way above Scripture, instead of divided. This is going against scripture…Thy Word Is Truth!
      Submit to the Infallability of the Pope, in Faith and Morals, is a real problem, when I hear proclamations, such as this!
      Wait for the next Pope and his Wisdom!
      I would like to see Paul, setting him straight…..no…Christ setting him straight, as his Vicar!


      • Cathy,
        Thank you for your reply but I am not sure that your scripture readings are doing you much Catholic good?
        Lets start again;
        In the Roman Catholic Church, Scripture is important BUT it must not lead you against the authority of Rome either the Pope or Magisterium. That is Protestant dilemma and not Catholic obedience.
        I have not and I think? as far as I can tell neither has the Catholic Church suggested salvation outside of Christ? Rather it suggests that Christ redemption by his providence and by his mercy is available to all his children. The Church retains unto itself the lawful interpretation of Scripture and it is not for the individual to imagine or interpret the Meaning of Scripture otherwise. This means that when we read the Living Word of Scripture we must do so in the Knowledge of Catholic Tradition and interpretation. Otherwise we are misled and will ultimately end in divorce from Rome and our obedience to the faith!
        So you will understand that I am bemused or even surprised if not astounded when I hear (or read) Catholics critique of The Pope, his theology or his understanding! It is not up to the faithful to try and see whether we may accommodate or not what the Pope says but rather understand that his authority like that of Christ is hardly up for scrutiny because we have suddenly understood some revelation that justifies our position.
        So try to understand that Scripture as I noted elsewhere? is a good servant but Catholics must not allow it to become their master.


      • Scampy22,
        TY for steering me back to Catholic obedience! Sometimes, a person interprets Scripture, that deviates from Catholic Truth, with their own conclusions…..This is Protestism, at the core!
        The Councils, of Great Men, are what makes our Religion Great and The One Holy Apostolic Church, Started by Christ!
        We ,must believe, that these Holy Men are inspired by the Holy Spirit….if NOT, we are Protestants!


      • Scampy22,
        See Col 2:8….. Scripture
        I just couldn’t help it!
        Not my bedtime yet….just thinking! 🙂


  4. LOL I did not mean to suggest Cathy that you were in danger of becoming a Protestant but the dominant rule of Holy Writ by personal interpretation can lead into “difficulties!” (how is that for diplomacy! 🙂 )

    I did not want to suggest a them-or-us culture either as many Protestants could teach many Catholic’s a thing or two on Christian behaviour. But rather as I say above to realign Catholic Obedience! 🙂
    (that makes me sound like the inquisition or something!!?)
    Like a Captain of a ship, the Pope whom ever he may be leads the ship to where ever he will but the crew cannot mutiny because they want to go the other way.

    Is that clearer? I don’t know because my brain is shutting down as it is late here and I am yawning and my dawgie is wanting to go to his bed.


    • Scampy22,
      Go to bed and sleep well!
      I didn’t think, you were calling me a Protestant, it must be a subliminal message…. For attacking the Popes talk on Salvation for Atheist! Baptism of Desire BOD, would not effect them, because they don’t believe in God….and simply don’t care!


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