Pa. court reverses conviction of Catholic church official jailed in clergy abuse scandal

PHILADELPHIA –  A Pennsylvania appeals court has ruled that a Roman Catholic church official was wrongly convicted for his handling of priest sex-abuse complaints.



  1. TLI (too little information) to venture much of a comment.

    There have been innocent priests whose lives have been unjustly ruined by false accusations of child abuse. I knew one such quite well. RIP.

    Is Monsignor William Lynn another such? It appears that his conviction was overturned and his case dismissed on a legal technicality. Is that finding also exculpatory? Again, TLI here.

  2. Anytime, a Conviction or Charge is Reversed, against a Clergy member, It is a “Good Thing!”
    The Vultures, have been, swayed away…the Sex-Abuse Data Base, gets smaller!
    The Absolute Pain of the Innocent!

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