Google Maps satellite image of Newark Archbishop Myers’ retirement home (controversial addition not pictured)


Big flap about the size and cost of the Archbishop’s retirement residence in Newark, NJ

Seen at NewAdvent.Org

Google Maps satellite image

I’m taking the weekend off from blogging to attend the first annual “Who Am I To Judge” weekend retreat for Triumphal Catholic Pelagianists


I’ll be back on Tuesday and let you know how everything went – assuming our white, 1984 Renault – the official car of the event – doesn’t break down!

I would mention that a plenary indulgence is typically available for attending multi-day retreats like this one (assuming no attachment to sin is present) but I’ve been advised that the status of such things may currently be under political review. Besides, nobody is certain anymore, what actually constitutes an  “attachment to sin” – but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with either Pelagianism, Triumphalism, or having a penchant for driving around in run-down old cars.

Don’t forget to go to Mass on Sunday, unless you think that might be a bit too traditional.

Let your conscience be your guide – and have a great weekend!