Liberal social justice Catholics have drunk the Protestant Kool Aid


by Doug Lawrence

The Catholic Church in America appears to be almost evenly split between “libs” and “trads”.

For those who are new to these culture wars, “libs” might be described as Catholics who tend to be light on Catholic dogma and overly reliant on emotion and social work – especially when it  comes to things like voting for pro-abortion, pro-homosexual politicians and the government funding of various welfare programs.

“Libs” also tend to be less concerned about the liturgy, and often have a less than complete understanding and appreciation for the sacraments – especially the need for the absolution of sins in the confessional and the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist.

For “libs”, emotion generally trumps faith and reason and malformed conscience trumps all – leading to the scandal of high profile, pro abortion and pro homosexual Catholic (and Protestant) politicians infesting all levels of government – along with a plethora of seriously defective Catholic In Name Only (CINO) charities, social justice organizations and even, religious orders.

All of these characteristics are really nothing new for Protestant groups – but they are new for Catholics, since they were essentially put into place by the post-Vatican II “reformers/enablers/revolutionaries” and others who have subsequently learned to invent such things, for their own nefarious purposes, from “whole cloth”.

To sum it up: Like most Protestants, Catholic “libs” generally find it difficult or impossible to believe in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as Christ’s one time, once for many, propitiatory sacrifice for the sins of mankind, the Catholic Church as the “Barque of Peter” – the world’s only universal sacrament of salvation, according to the grace, mercy and forethought of Jesus Christ – and the Bible as the inerrant, Holy Spirit inspired, written Word of God – so about all they have left is social justice work – and their poor choices will almost certainly tend to perpetuate the continuing need for it! 

“Trads” tend to obtain their personal guidance through the exercise of faith and reason, based on a good working knowledge of the teachings of Jesus Christ, illuminated by two thousand years of Catholic Church Tradition, exquisitely reasoned, settled Catholic dogma and Magisterial teachings, the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, the lives of the saints and the Holy Bible.

Subsequently, “trads” tend to be very picky about the Masses they attend, the fidelity of the priests and bishops who minister to them, the integrity of the politicians who represent them in government, the causes they support, the Bibles they read and the sacraments they receive – most especially the Holy Eucharist, which they firmly believe to be the authentic body and blood of Jesus Christ, along with his soul and divinity.

The “trad’s” primary reliance on grace-giving sacraments – which for baptized Catholics serve to engender and deeply nurture the cardinal virtues of faith, hope and charity, among others – is based on almost two thousand years of remarkably successful Catholic church history and tradition- which until fairly recent times, provided the spiritual underpinnings for all the best features of modern, western civilization.

For “trads”, faith and reason are employed in order to better understand the “mind” of the Catholic Church and hence, the mind of Jesus Christ, who is God and who will also be our final judge. Individual conscience certainly plays a big part – but only after all pertinent Catholic teachings and principles have already been carefully and prayerfully weighed and considered.

When “trads” need to get something done, they pray – often using the Rosary, or kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament – believing they will receive. Then, one of several things typically happens: 1) The problem simply evaporates and disappears (praise God); 2) The right course of action becomes apparent and that action is personally carried out, according to God’s grace, resolving or suitably mitigating the problem; 3) If it is within their limited area of competence – God sends a socially conscious Protestant, “lib” Catholic, or other person – to fix things; or 4) Life goes on as before – since even God isn’t willing to tackle certain problems that we create for ourselves, in this “valley of tears”.

Of course, there are exceptions and variations on both sides, but it’s just about that simple! Any questions?


  1. Some of the American trads are really libs. They believe in the so-called Free Market and genuflect every time somebody says liberty. That’s liberal.

    • Excellent point. That’s why I allowed for some variations on both sides. Who is “Lady Liberty” supposed to be, anyway – other than some type of a false goddess? And wouldn’t a statue of Christ the King be much better in New York Harbor than some mythical pagan idol?


  2. Allow me to go straight to what is at the heart of the matter of the posted essay—the Holy Mass—and focus on its core: the Eucharist, i.e. the Real Presence.

    It is well established that a significant majority of Catholics no longer believe in it. That makes their attandance at Mass of no more merit or significance than if they had attended a protestant service, or nothing at all. (Actually, it would be better for many to just not go to Mass at all, rather than desecrate their Lord’s Real Presence with unbelief.)

    I will allow here that the Novus Ordo is a valid mass, despite the conviction of some trads to the contrary (subject for another time and thread). That said, I would add that it is the Perfect Sacrifice hidden under a very imperfect liturgical bushel. (God is truly working mysteriously in this case.)

    As to the abandonment of belief in the Real Presence, let us look straight at Communion time during the typical Novus Ordo. Immediately before distribution, the focus of the congregation is wrested away from the “altar” to the pews. At the same time, the washed (at the Lavabo) and consecrated hands of the priest are dirtied and defiled by shaking the unconsecrated hands of what is often a substantial host (not Host) in the sanctuary. Then his hands return to the Sacred, Transubstantiated Species to dispense it—often quite casually—to the unconsecrated hands of recipients who choose to receive that way.

    Given these routinely tragic circumstances, is it any wonder that those who still believe in the Real Presence are now a minority?

    Except in the trad pews, that is.

  3. I would add here that, in most Novus Ordo masses, most communicants receive Holy Communion from a lay “extraordinary minister”: which, I am confident, has contributed to the trend of unbelief.

  4. Doug, what can I say to that? (or write if you want to be pedantic)
    Must be an American thing? In Europe for example, and within the Catholic Church a Liberal is someone that tends to believe/stress modern ideas such as birth control against Aids or a more progressive attitude towards ecumenical matters. A Traditional referred to as Conservative tends towards the liturgy, Scripture and anti abortion views. Very few are one or other even Pontiffs. To say they are this or that usually means that the narrator has their own agenda and will use these terms as a wedge to prove a point or discredit a particular individual.
    Both sides are within the Church and although these may seem to suggest an irreconcilable canyon between them they are held together some how by the Church moving from side to side on both issues.

    Mark, Certainly in England Special Ministers are very welcome and their assistance to Priests at for example the distribution of Holy Communion is both welcomed and allowed by Ecclesiastical authority. As for the notion of mass attendance I am reminded of Jesus apparition to St Gertrude at her Cathedral wherein Jesus asked the saint how many of the crowded people really wanted to be there? St Gertrude was sad that Jesus told her she could count them on one hand! My point here is that whatever appears to be true is not necessarily so.
    Hence, the fact that so many Catholics are ignorant of The true Presence in the Eucharist is nothing new. It is not a result of Liturgical updates or the fact that a New Church? has allowed the Laity to participate in ever new ways (something that has been progressive since Pius 9). As Gertrude reminds us, The Church is there for all but only a few will or ever have responded to her as they should. Is it any wonder that God has given a purgatory to correct this misbalance?

    • “Mark, Certainly in England Special Ministers are very welcome and their assistance to Priests at for example the distribution of Holy Communion is both welcomed and allowed by Ecclesiastical authority.”

      How did we ever do without them in the benighted old days? Other priests (now in severe shortage: why?), deacons (ditto) and subdeacons (extinct, I think). All vested, ordained male clergy functioning in loco Christi.

      And, of course, patience. Having to wait a little while to receive Holy Communion? I’d call that a teachable moment.

      I am blessed with a Dominican (albeit Novus Ordo) parish whose policy during Mass is that only habited men who have taken the vows of the Order (brothers on up) distribute Holy Communion. Sometimes, due to absences, the celebrating priest is the sole qualified distributor. As I said: a teachable moment and opportunity to exercise a minor virtue.

      Sorry, my friend. All too often—at least here in the colonies—the “extraordinary ministers” show up as an ill-dressed and -presented cast of thousands better suited to tryouts for a rank-amateur talent show. Extraordinary? Sadly so, all too often.

      • A pox on those colonies! 🙂

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