Pope Francis: Jesus is a sinner…

“Jesus is a sinner, we take His own sins to Him and we tell Him, this is Yours and I’m going back out into the world to do it again. Jesus likes that.”

If this scandal is really Francis’ statement, then our Pope is a blasphemer and public heretic.

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Editor’s note: See the story and verify the comments here on the official Vatican news website.


  1. Even I am incredulous at this quotation. No further comment without a preponderance of evidence that Francis said it.

  2. If This Is True….and ONLY IF IT IS
    TRUE! That would be HERESY, of the Greatest Caliber!
    EVERYTHING is Based on the SINLESS Lamb Of God, who died for Our Sins. PERIOD

  3. 2 Corinthians 5:21 “God made him who had no sin to be sin[a] for us,
    so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.”

    In our mind when we see Jesus on the cross, can we see him as a sinner? This scripture says, God took the sin nature of man and put it into Jesus on the cross and made him a sinner who knew no sin. Everything in your mind might refuse to believe but that is what the bible says.

    Actually Pope Francis was quoting from scriptures.

    • 2Co 5:21 Him (Christ) who knew no sin, (who had never sinned, nor was capable of sinning) he (God) hath made [4] sin for us. I had translated, with some French translators, he hath made a sacrifice for sin, as it is expounded by St. Augustine and many others, and grounded upon the authority of the Scriptures, in which the sacrifices for sins are divers times called sins, as Osee iv. 8. and in several places in Leviticus, by the Hebrew word Chattat, which signifies a sin, and is translated a victim for sin. But as this is nt the only interpretation, and that my design is always a literal translation of the text, not a paraphrase, upon second thoughts I judged it better to follow the very words of the Greek, as well as of the Latin text. For besides the exposition already mentioned, others expound these words, him he hath made sin for us, to signify that he made Christ like unto sinners, a mortal man, with the similitude of sin. Others that he made he reputed a sinner; with the wicked was he reputed; (Mark xv. 28.) God having laid upon him all our iniquities. (Isaias liii. 6.) — That we might be made the justice of God in him; that is, that we might be justified and sanctified by God’s sanctifying grace, and the justice we receive from him. (Witham) — Sin for us. That is, to be a sin-offering, a victim for sin. (Challoner)

      Thank you for commenting.


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