A mere fifty or sixty years ago I doubt you’d find any practicing Catholic who would say they supported gay ‘marriage’.

People are getting weary of fighting immorality on all levels because what is and isn’t moral has been warped.  Things aren’t always so black and white anymore.  Where black and white once held the bounds of moral and immoral firmly in place, they have now given way to shades of grey.

What God determined as immoral, has been redefined. Lust has become love. Marriage between a man and a woman as God defined it, as been redefined by mere man.

When lust was redefined as “love” people forgot when REAL LOVE meant.
Today’s “love” is a rip off.  A counterfeit of what real love is.

So women read “romance” novels and sigh over what they see as romantic love. While men read porn magazines and lust after the very thing that will lead them to Hell.

We are being desensitized and most of us don’t even know it.

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  1. We are SO Desensitized, about Love, the kind instituted by God, between One Man and Woman….the World has gone Crazy! This is not a new phenomenon, since the History of Man, but now it is widely accepted, in the Modern Culture. From :
    Same Sex Marriage/Homosexuality
    Unnatural Sex, Bestiality

    Information has increased, to the point, we are becoming Subhuman and worshipping Man’s Ideas, instead of Our Supreme Creator!
    Yes, we are becoming Humanistic, in are Constant Rebellion from God. Look at the Desensitivity in just 50 years!

  2. I do not “know” of any “practising Catholic” that would support Gay Marriage!
    As for de-humanizing people well the biggest example I can think of is that from the Communist Russia and Nazi Germany regimes wherein God was either denied or mutilated! Both examples are from beyond 50 years ago!

    A liberal politic has encouraged wide libertine errors that need to be considered and probably fought against within the democratic framework of a modern Liberal democracy. The fact that such things are occurring primarily in a western world culture is deplorable but we should never lose sight of the fact that most people on the earth do not have the right to vote for a free government nor hardly the right to common medicine and descent food to live.

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